7 Dec 2015



First of all: there are a few posts from our big trip which are still missing on this blog. Stay tuned for our second road trip around New Zealand and the adventures of two more countries. 

A lot has changed in our lives since we came back from traveling in July. Amuna has moved to London and started University in September. She's currently studying International Relations and Arabic at SOAS (University of London). If you were following us from the very beginning then you've probably watched our first video of the trip, which is taking place in London, and you might remember us going to SOAS and Amuna being super exited about it. And she still is. Although it's quite hard since it's one of the best Universities worldwide and Arabic isn't particularly easy to learn she's enjoying her Uni life with a lot of new friends and a great city to discover. 
But one thing hasn't changed. We are still best friends and travel buddies for life. So when Hannah was planning her next trip, there was no doubt that it had to start and to end with her partner in crime Amuna.

So here I am (Hannah), ready for my next trip. Just like the last journey, I booked all my flights with Travel Nations, which I highly recommend to everybody who is planning to visit a couple of countries (you can get great all-around-the-world deals there, no matter where you want to go)
This trip is going to be quite different to the last one for several reasons:
1. I will be traveling alone. Although it was like the best thing ever to discover the world with my best friend by my side I am super exited to be all by myself this time. I hope to get to know myself even better and I think it is going to help me to become more confident and independent.

2. I won't go to as many countries then last time and it's just going to be countries in Asia.

3. I will be working most of the time. On our last trip we were working in New Zealand for three months which showed me how much I enjoy working abroad. So this time I got a job before even starting my journey and I am already looking forward to it. 

4. I'll have to get into writing again. When Amuna and I were still working together on this blog, it was my task to only take pictures and edit videos and hers to do all the writing. But since I am alone this time I'll have to do all the work by myself. So bear with me while I'm trying to do my best to replace Amuna (which is never going to happen but it's worth the try). 

5. The blog is not going to be bilingual anymore. As I said before, I have to do all the work now so it would take me ages to write one post. I also figured that most of our followers speak English anyways and I want to improve my English writing skills.
So Mum, Dad, if you are reading this, please translate all the post for Grandma this time, thanks. 

However, if you were following us before, I hope you are ok with the blog being just about me for the next couple of months and if you are new, well, hello, nice to meet you and welcome to my adventures in Asia!