31 Jan 2016


Hong Kong. What a crazy, busy, smelly, exiting and great metropole. To be honest, I didn't have the best first impression of HK. I arrived by night after an 11 hours long flight so I just took a taxi from the airport to my hostel without really noticing what was happening around me. The next day I woke up with the worst jet lag and some bad chinese airplane food in my stomach. But since I only had a few days in this city I forced myself to get out of bed and start exploring. Probably not the best idea. When I stepped out of my hostel I physically couldn't handle it. Thousands of different smells from exotic street food and exhausts gases, loud noises caused by advertising and the crazy busy traffic and such a huge amount of people rushing around me were way too much for my body. After an hour straying around I felt so sick that I had to go back to take a break. Laying in bed again gave me almost an anxiety attack. I was in Hong Kong. By myself. Without a plan. Haven't had food for like 15 hours. Wasting my time laying in bed. All of my friends and family were in different time zones so nobody would respond to my messages. Fortunately I managed to fall asleep. It's suprising how much a good nap can help. When I woke up I finally felt relaxed again. And confident. I was in Honk Kong. By myself. How freaking amazing was that? So when I got up out of bed I was super motivated to make the best out of my time here. First thing I did was exploring the area around my hostel called Wan Chai in Central Hong Kong.

Keep posted for the rest of my adventures in Hong Kong. 


  1. Very nice pics, especially those with food.

  2. Tell me that you didn't eat this !!