7 Nov 2016


SHIBUYA – Very simular to Shinjuku with its bright city lights and streets filled with young people. And also the area where you can find Tokyo’s busiest street crossing (the famous “Shibuya crossing”). I was quite amazed to watch how at first plenty of cars pass this crossing and once all the lights turn red the whole crossing gets completely empty for a few seconds just before hundreds of people storm onto the street from every direction possible. I couldn't take my eyes of all the fashionable young people passing on the Shibuya crossing to get to one of the plenty restaurants, bars, pubs or shops. Japanese people have their very own sense of style which honestly impressed me by its variety and uniqueness (I might do a blogpost based on Tokyo street style to show you what I mean). 

YANAKA – One of Tokyo’s oldest areas. It is filled with beautiful graveyards where you can find nice little temples, plenty of cherry blossom trees and old statues. Since it is a very quite and family friendly place, many people are using their bikes and the whole area has a very relaxed atmosphere. It has also loads of cats wandering through the streets, which is why many stores have cat themed items or names. Cute little shops and good street food make Yawara a great place to spend a chilled afternoon. And it is also a great place to get away from all craziness which is happening in Shibuya and Shinjuku.

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